Dancing Your Way... Dancing Your Way Through Medical School

Music is a fuel that powers our creativity and can make us more creative and more understanding of our creative process of writing, painting or dancing. Music has a great power of our intellect and is a faithful companion in every day’s life. It might be your career choice to pursue music, in which case [&hellip

Animal Love –... Animal Love – They Key to Success

For you to qualify to be a veterinarian, you need to undergo long and elaborate formal education. Veterinarian education entails acquiring veterinary degree including veterinary science, VA-MD, BVM and VMD. Get to know the veterinary degree program costs, duties and responsibilities and licensure requirements.  In addition, this article tackles different scholarships that are specifically meant [&hellip

Engineering – A... Engineering – A Vast Field of Possibilities

Bridges, Roads, Chemicals and even plants are among some of the things that make the planet tick and become what it is. While it might be easy to overlook the efforts that go into some of these processes, there is an intricate science behind every successful structure that is put up by man. Those behind [&hellip

Healing – It’s... Healing – It’s All in the Touch

Occupational Therapy or as it also popularly known as OT, is basically the use of a methodology that entails assessing and treating people with mental, physical and cognitive disorders. Therapists focus on developing and maintaining the work skills of the patient in question. What he also tries to do is try to recover a patient [&hellip