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If you are in need of cloud storage then you have probably spent a lot of time shopping around. There are lots of options out there, and all of them offer something a little different. There are providers that put an emphasis on speed while there are providers that like to focus more on their diversity. However, a lot of people don’t have much preference when it comes to all the small features, they just want something that is reasonably priced. If this is you then you are in luck because there many providers that pride themselves on their reasonable pricing.

The cheapest provider out there is PCWorld Knowhow. At just 6 cents a gigabyte this provider has one of the cheapest large-file options out there. 500GBs for just $32 a year is a price that you can’t beat anywhere else. While they are not supported on Linux software, they do feature automatic backup capability with strong security as well as being supported on all mobile platforms. The gap between PC World Know and the rest of the cheapest cloud storage providers is pretty big as Adrive comes in second with 28 cents per GB. Even though there are free cloud storage providers, none of them have the amount of features that other premium providers have. The providers that charge are easily the most secure and easy-to-use providers out there.

Even though MyPcBackup isn’t on the list, it is known as being reasonably priced for their quality. At just $4.49 a month for a 75GB plan, MyPcBackup has fantastic customer service, is supported on virtually every platform, and has automatic backup features that ensures the safety and security of your files. One of the coolest features of MyPcBackup is its remote wipe feature. When you remote wipe your storage you’re able to wipe out all backed up files on all synced devices in case your device gets stolen, hacked into, or is lost. This is a feature that not many other providers have, and is a feature that is great for the individual who trusts cloud storage with important and/or personal files that need to be secure.