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The human body is a great marvel when you look at the several systems that work within the body. Some of the main systems in the body include the respiratory system, the cardiovascular system, the muscle and skeletal system, the digestive system, the nervous system, the lymphatic system, and the reproductive system.

All these body systems have their main functions, for example the cardiovascular system is responsible for blood circulation, distribution of air and nutrients and the transportation of waste products. The digestive system is responsible for extracting nutrients from consumed food, the respiratory system is responsible for getting air into the blood stream, and the lymphatic system is mainly concerned with the bodies immunity i.e. the fighting of pathogens and combating disease.

Apart from these main functions, there are numerous other minor functions that take place within the body to ensure that an individual is well and that they can go on with regular activities.

All these activities usually depend on energy provided by the food we eat. The basic source of food for our body functions is carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are nutrients that are derived from starchy foods. These are usually broken down to glucose which is a form of sugar that is used as energy by the body. Lack of enough starch or carbohydrates in the body will result in the individual being weak and they will grow emaciated. A major source of carbohydrates is cereals.

Other body functions also require other types of nutrients. Another type of nutrient that is very essential in the body is vitamin group. The vitamin group contains many types of vitamins that are crucial in helping in various types of body functions. One of the basic functions of vitamins is in helping the lymphatic system in combating pathogens. There are some vitamins that are also used in the body in facilitating some chemical reactions which lead to the formation of elements that are then used in the body.

Vitamins can be found in many kinds of foods such as fruits and vegetables. However there are some types of vitamins that are hard to find. In such cases one can get these vitamins by buying them as processed supplementary pills, powders, or syrups.

When suffering from specific conditions, it is easier to buy such supplements which are specifically produced to treat specific conditions. For example there are prescription vitamins that are available to treat memory loss and focus, low immunity, low libido, poor appetite, and other health conditions that are prevalent among people.

These prescription vitamins are usually manufactured to contain the specific amount of vitamins required by the body.

Apart from there being prescription vitamins to treat health conditions, there are also prescription vitamins that are produced to enhance features or functions. For example there are prescription vitamins that people can buy that can help in making hair stronger and more beautiful. There are also other vitamins that one can buy that can be used to make the skin smoother and more attractive.